Prologue III

While others are counting down for London (Olympic), I am counting down for Manchester. 100days to go, for me to leap my first step outside of Asia, where I have been living for 30 years.

Ya, I am counting down for my new life in Manchester where I will start my MBA programme in coming August. After 6 years of working life immediately after I finished my first master degree in engineering, now I am heading back to the halls of ivy. A friend asked me why still go back to school? (I think he didn’t finish his sentence that he actually wanted to ask “at this age?”)

Well, many reasons for that, which I explained, explained and explained in the MBA school interviews, in the drinking parties, gatherings, chatting and so on. The reason is quite simple, I don’t see I can make any different in the future if I don’t make a change of my current life.

Not saying that I am not satisfy with my current life. Quite opposite, I enjoy the peaceful life in Japan, I have a caring family, and a challenging with decent pay job. But again, if I satisfy and continue to stay in this status quo (although ample of sweats, tears and hard works paid to attain this comfort zone), I will never able to achieve my dream, to become someone like Carlos Gohns!

Haha, I heard you laugh. Anyway, he is just my role model to strive for. Being a Brazilian, grew up in France, now the CEO of both Nissan and Renault. I did hope I share something common with him, let’s say being a Malaysian, spent my most precious 20’s in Japan, later UK, and finally the CEO of ? and ? and ? and ?

Sounds too greedy, haa…wait a moment, becoming a CEO in the Fortune 500 companies is not exactly what I admire for; what I thirst for is the management skills and business sense that can cultivate a more fruitful and freedom life in both business and private. The sense of quality, analytical skill and problem solving skill, the communication skill and of course the leadership, which make up a successful CEO of a company and his private life, is all I want. And to gain a foundation of these sets of skills and sense, a tricky short cut would be an MBA.          

Of course, not all MBA carry the same weight and offer whatever you want. I did make a thorough research of the MBA schools (nothing special, every MBA aspirant did the same thing) before I finally decided on Manchester. And since I have not yet enroll, I can’t tell for now whether Manchester can meet my expectation. But one thing for sure, whether Manchester can offer anything, I will take the initiative to seize whatever I want from Manchester, the knowledge, the skill, the life, the friendship, the network, and any experience and opportunities that come to me.

With the help of this Blog, I will record down all these experience, and opportunities that happen in my Manchester MBA. One reason for recording in this Blog is to share my MBA happenings with my family and friends who are across the oceans.

Another reason is to make it a countermeasure to my “amnesia”. I hardly remember what happened in the past if my brain judged the event not worth storing at the first place. And most of the time, being lazy to remember things, my mind tends to go the easy way by categorizing everything as “not worth”, and end up I remember nothing. This happens especially when I read for leisure. I did uncountable amount of reading, but whenever I come to the last page, I start forgetting what is at the first page.

Later, I realize that recording is a good practice to remember things. And Blog, is a good tool for recording. So, when you go along with this Blog in future and discover some seemingly study notes blogs, just don’t get confuse and doubt whether you are at the right place, you are absolutely at the right place with me on the “Road to Manchester”.  

Hope you enjoy reading.