Career Design

While my current company still undecided whether to retain my position for me after my MBA, I have started contemplating my post MBA career. I just couldn’t be patient for the slow decision making process in the Japanese Organization. It reminds me of why recently the Japanese industries are lagging behind the Korean’s. While the Korean is already sprinting far away by doing the thinking along the way run, the Japanese is still pondering whether it is safe to move the first step...sigh...

Yesterday I joined a Career Design Seminar dedicated for future MBA holders organized by Axiom, a head hunting company in Japan. Just to see what are the opportunities available for me after my MBA. To my surprise, the post-MBA local job market is quite large (considering relatively small number of self-funded Japanese MBA holders) according to the presenter. Of course, whether an MBA holder can secure his dream job is depends on individual pre-MBA experience and competency.

The key messages of the seminar can be summarized in below 3 points:

1)       Most of the executive positions (CEO, CFO, COO etc.) are not advertised publicly in the recruiting market. Those positions are available only through the head hunting companies which they call the Scout Market. To be aware of those positions, you have to make use of those head hunting companies. (Kind of advertising of its own importance in the executive job market)

2)       Upto 35 years old, you are free to choose any companies/any jobs to work for, but after 35years old, you have to know exactly what you want to do, what you can do, and what you want to be. Means that if you still couldn't finalize your career vision by 35, you will doomed to be the mediocrity. (Sounds true as after 35, our mind and stamina will start deteriorating, and the family and financial pressure will drive us more conservative and less risk-taking.)

3)       The best post-MBA job (or simply a Job) would be the one that you want to do(やりたい), you can do (やれる)and you are pledged to do, or in another word you are paid to do(やってくれ). Quite the same with the 3 Circles of Hedgehog Concept proposed by Jim Collins in his “Good to Great” book. What a company (or individual) choose to do or choose not to do depends on these 3 circles: (1) What you deeply passionate about, (2) What you can be best in the world at, (3) What drives your economic engine.

For myself, I am still in the way looking for what I passionate about. I have so far aggregated a career as a Professional Engineer, but in future instead of continuing working in the technical filed, my interest is more towards the management. So, considering what I want to do, what I can do, and what would drive my economic engine, I have a seemingly clear yet uncertain (sorry for this paradox) goal as the "CXX" of an Engineering Company.

Well, I still have time upto 35. It means there is no rush to finalize my career goal at this moment. The essential thing is to first equip myself with the necessary business skills and sense during the MBA. And I believe, when someone is well-equipped, the opportunity will follow.