Sem 2 Started!

Snow continue falling from the sky since last night, when I was walking home together with my EBPY (more detail below) teammate. Feeling the first time that Manchester can also be so romantic, when the first slice of snow unexpectedly fall on my coat the moment I step out from MBS entrance.

This was the second time it snow in Manchester, but the first time it fell long enough to cover the part of the ground. Ahhh... this is the winter that I was looking forward! Hate the winter without snow but only uncomfortable cold. That's why I love Hokkaido so much, with a temperature of just below the frozen level, you can enjoy a scenary of whole-white neverland. And of course the quality of the snow is so good, so soft that you can lie on it comfortably.

2 weeks passed since the 2nd Semester started. Quite few things happened but a relatively relax pace compare to last semester. To some extent, we already used to the demanding MBA life. To some extent, we know better how to deal with each other in the group works and hence more efficient. And also to some extent, we know what to prioritize and therefore can just ignore what we think is low priority.

Grumbling among us on the slow feedback on our last semester academic performance. 7 weeks passed since the final exam but still the scores and the feedbacks on some of the courseworks are still pending with the academics. Wondering why they pushed us so hard for studying and completing the courseworks within dateline, while slacking on returning the feedback. Though taught in one of the class, prompt feedback is the key in learning process...

So far, only grades on 2 subjects were released. Got a distinction for Accounting and a merit for SfSM Module, which 80% of the module is the NfP Project. Not quite surprise for the grade on Accounting (Module of both Financial Accounting and Management Accounting) as the assessment is purely paper exam. For SfSM Module, for which I have been worrying about failing, as our team scored really bad in initial stage, luckily survived the passing mark, and being pulled up further to pass the merit line by the individual reflective report and final exam. Still waiting for Marketing, Finance, Economics...

So, Sem2 started. What we have for this sem?

Core Subjects
1) Strategy
2) Operation Management
3) People Management and Organization (PMO)
4) International Business and Innovation Management (IBIM)

Curriculum was changed from last year. For our senior in Class of 2013, they had Strategy, Operation Management, and a subject called Designing International Competitive Enterprise (DICE) which combined both PMO and IBIM. Due to their feedback that combining 4 subjects (HR Management, Organization Behavior, International Business and Innovation Management) into the single subject of DICE made the subject complicated and hard to digest, the school changed the curriculum this year by dividing it into 2 subjects - PMO and IBIM. 

Continue from last semester
1) Weekly Speaker Series
2) Career Management
2 alumni came so far. One talked on B to B Marketing and the other talked on leadership consulting. As before, it opened our horizon for an industry or a field that we may otherwise never come across.

CMS (Career Management Service) organized a career week that invited several companies to visit the campus for recruiting, both fulltime position and internship. Companies came included Hilti, Google, AT Kearney, Essar Oil, Admiral, Amazon, and BCG. All sessions were filled up with well business-dress students as this semester is the critical timing for both fulltime position and internship hunting.

1) EBPY (European Business Plan Competition)

An Europe level entrepreneurship competition, which we need to submit a business plan, give an elevator pitch and present the business idea in front of real VCs. MBS is so kind to design a series of lecture and workshop to prepare the participants for the competition. We had talks from the Academics as well as outside speakers like the Entrepreneurs, VC, Taxation Accountants and so on.

Have a business idea in my mind, not sure whether it can win the competition. But to my surprise, I'm so passion about it when I tell it to other people. Kind of uncover the entrepreneurship spirit that long 'hidden' in me! Still looking for my team members, hope fully can gather a bunch of bright minds who can share my passion!

Preparation lectures for nest semester projects
1) UK Consultancy Project
2) M&A Project

The classes will start in next few week. Mainly cover the topics on Quantitative Analysis and Financial Analysis, to enable a smooth kick-off for those 2 projects in next semester.

That's all?

Of course not!

Internship search, preparation for MBAT (MBA Sport Tournament), preparation for Asian Night, mentoring program, stock trading competition, house parties, networking sessions...lots more to go in this semester.

So, refill the fuel and keep moving!