Happy New Year!

Exactly 1 year passed since I wrote my first blog. Intended to write the blog at least once a week, and started with full engine, but the engine seemed to be running out of lubricant half way and the momentum was getting smaller and smaller... Nevertheless, thanks to the initial passion, 50 blogs written so far in last year, an average of almost one blog per week. Certainly it can be done better, not in quantity-wise, but in the content-wise especially more focus on the learnings in each MBA subjects and their applications in business.

Anyway, leave the reflection on blogging aside. How about a reflection on my 2012? How I grade my 2012?

Well, 2012 was really a year of CHANGE for me, whether functionally, geographically, or intellectually. A good start in January by working on a new project in the leading position, got promoted in June, decided to resign in July, left Japan and flied to UK in August, returned to student life again in September, completed the MBA first semester in December, and continuing on the quest for a dream future in the uncertainties...

Did I satisfy on all these "achievements"? Can I declare my 2012 a good one?

Well, the answer can be "Yes!" or "I don't know!"

"Yes!" because those are all I wanted to do. I planned it, I worked on it and I achieved it

"I don't know!" because I still don't know the outcome. The future is full of ambiguity. Does a MBA degree means that I will change my profession in future? Does a farewell of Japan means that I will leave Japan permanently? How my future looks like? Where will I be in 10 years from now?

Asked by my wife that if there was a Doeramon Door, that can get me to the future to see where am I and what am I doing in 10 years from now, would I dare to open the door? Of course, I dare. But the question is your life will be less interesting after you know what it will be in future! The ambiguities and the uncertainties are actually the spice of the life that make you anxious, make you excited to explore any unknown opportunities!

So, why worry so much about the far future? I should be grateful that I am now doing what I wanted to do. And this will certainly improve myself for a better career and better future!

If my 2012 is all about CHANGE, I hope the theme for my 2013 will be EXPLORE. So, here is the list of my goals in 2013.

1) Secure a good internship, which may decide my post MBA career.
2) Better time management to digest as much as possible the MBA knowledges and skills.
3) Take part in more MBA events especially the MBA competitions.
4) If possible, an exchange to other university in other country.
5) Visit as many countries as possible to open my horizon.
6) And of course try to enjoy UK life!

Wishing 2013 a good one for everyone! Happy New Year!