The Speech

Still wonder what to say in tomorrow morning farewell speech. Out of a blue, I received an invitation mail two days ago from the department secretary, asking me to give a farewell speech in front of all department members.

Being 6 years in the company, I have seen many retirement speeches in the department, but not once a resignation speech. As in the Japanese culture, a resignation (vs retirement) is not something blessed for. So whoever resigns, will leave quietly, without alerting anybody…

I think I am lucky. Resigning for a reason, a reason not because to abandon something, but to strive for something. Something that still obscure that I need to figure out at a different platform before I decide where to go eventually. And luckily I have the supports from my fellow colleagues, and my bosses, who despised my decision at first but showed their appreciation and blessing at last.

I feel thankful. Thankful to the company, my fellow colleagues and my bosses. Throughout my life in the company, I have learnt so much from them. One thing I like the Japanese so much is their generosity in sharing their knowledge. And what’s more is the friendly environment that I can work comfortably. Work itself is stressful, but due to the Japanese “helping each other” culture, there is never a one person problem, there is only a team problem, where all team members share the problem and solve the problem together. And I always believe that the generosity and the teamwork are the two main characteristics that make Japanese strong.

Spending almost 10 years in Japan, I am leaving a place where I love so much which I am not sure whether I will be returning in future. Sounds paradox as you may ask why leaving a place that you love so much? Well, my answer will be, the outside world, whether better or worse, you will never know without exploring. Through continuous expedition, then only you will find your true love, whether it is your dream job, your dream life, or simply the place to settle down.

So, what should I say in tomorrow speech? The reason, the thank you, the don’t forget me…? All these are just not sufficient to express my real feeling. A feeling that is a mixture of pain for parting, anticipation for new life, and anxiety for the future… I don’t know what will happen after the MBA, where I will go and what I will do…

But one thing I know for sure is, from the deep of my heart, I sincerely feel grateful of joining the company. So, whatever the tomorrow speech will be, I think the key message will simply be “nagai aida osewa ni narimasita, hontou ni arigato gozaimasita, korekara mo zutto zutto yorosiku onegai itasimasu!”