Where is my spring?

Now I know why besides sports, weather is the other most popular topics for chatting in UK. Well, it is now the end of March, which is the best season to see beautiful cherry blossoms in the fast east, but here I am still suffering the temperature around freezing point! But thank god! The sun has replaced the rain and continuously sharing the warm sunshine since mid of February. A luxury to enjoy the "indoor sunbathe"  especially at the corner seats in Lecture Hall 4.37.

Sorry for this late update. But I have been busy since the middle of February. Being quite relax for the first half of Term 2, the second half became a roller coaster with due dates of all the assignments and presentations of the term. The tasks are of course an addition to the usual classes, guest speaker series, career management activities, networking, partying... etc.

With the completion of the last exam paper of Term 2 yesterday, it marks the end of the term and the start of the Easter holiday. So, what do I think about Term 2?

Well, I have to say that most people, including me lost the excitement and motivation that we had at the start of the program. Partly due to the nature of getting used to the MBA life, and partly because people are shifting their priority from study to internship hunting. Most people spending most of their time searching for internship, which the outcomes are still not encouraging. Some did secure splendid offers from their dream companies but majorities are still struggling. This cause an uncertain atmosphere that people started to ask themselves "Why am I here?"

Nevertheless, the school did offer a great help to the students in securing internship. The CMS staffs are working hard to attract more potential employers, helping student with review of CV, cover letter, mock internship etc. However, economic condition here in UK is still gloomy, and the key success factors are actually depend on individual fit of experience, skill sets and background that companies are looking for.

The classes we have this term was designed as 3 hours per slot instead of 1.5 hours as we have last term. This change give flexibility for the professors to design the class with mix of lectures and case studies. However, the long hours of same subject sometime cause boredom among students, and some lectures were just too slack in 3 hours. This is especially true for the new subjects of "People Management and Organization" and "International Business and Innovation Management". The professors did try very hard to make the subjects interesting to students, but students tend to lose interest the half way of the classes.

OK, enough of the negative views. Let's share something cheerful in this term. Well, MBS won the second place in MBS MBA Football Tournament as well as the LBS MBA Football Tournament (Not surprise as we are the Manchester)! MBS also won the first place in the Sustainability Venture Capital Investment Competition (SVCIC) held in Kenan-Flagler Business School, US recently. And the Class of 2013 successfully completed their International Business Project last week, which means a successful graduation from MBS!

How about myself in this term? Secured an exchange to CEIBS, which is my first choice, and confirmed a summer internship with a management consulting company in Japan! So, I am leaving UK this summer!

Although the spring may not come, the summer will for sure!