Manchester Survivor

My smartphone showed a temperature of 3 degree Celsius out there, and the weather forecast said that there would be a mix of sunshine and shower. I was changing with the Manchester Survival T-shirt and a running short pant. Putting up the additional jacket and tracksuit, I walked to the school to meet my fellow teammates. The weather was freezingly cold even in the jacket and tracksuit. I doubted whether I would be willing take it off once I reach the event center.

Arrived the event center 1 hour earlier. But the game already started with the first wave runner. Our team - a team of 10 and a team of 5 will run in the 4th wave. Took off the jacket and tracksuit, quickly worked out to warm up the body. Running around the field, discovered several scary obstacles along the runway. Several 2 meter high grasswalls at the first 100m, 2 pools of muddy water contained in the giant steel trash bins, and a 8 feet wall at the last 100m.

It was a 10km run. Sounds easy right? That was what I thought, but there were 15 physical obstacles (according to the guide, but I felt there were more) in the run. So, besides running, you will encounter 1 to 2 physical roadblocks every 1km. And the obstacles, can be high walls to test your upper body fitness, pools of water to slow you down (there was a pool where the water deep enough to cover your top, damn freezing!), hurdles in the arena to test your agility, burden to test your strength, fun stuff likes mud crawling, mud sliding, water slide, bouncing castle etc.   

Tried to get to the front line at the starting point to avoid slowed down by other people during the first few obstacles. Climbed over the grasswalls, 2 meter height woodwalls, several hurdles, ran up and ran down the stadium spiral carpark driveway, ran up and ran down the stadium audience seat stairs, ran surrounding the stadium, when I thought I already finished half, almost fainted down when I saw the signboard showed a 2km on it. Oh, my god, still 8km to go!

Later came to a canal. Never think that the organizer want us to get wet that early. It was still 3km! And the canal was deep enough to cover my top. Getting all wet including my head and continued running to avoid cold. Run, run, run, passed the bouncing castle, ran into the woods, the fun and dirty parts began. Mud crawling, mud sliding, can't remember when was the last time I played with mud. But, it was really fun!

The organizer would never want us to finish it easy. They made us run with sandbag, gas tank, etc, do the rope swinging, puzzles, when I finished 8 km, I started feeling cramp in my thighs. Slowed down my pace and walked for a while, wondering how many obstacles left and any other surprises. Passed the 9km, came to the big pools of muddy water that I saw before, I know I was closed to the finish line. Crawl over the giant steel trash bins, walked through the muddy water, finally came to the monster 8 feet wall. I can't do it without help! None of my team member was there with me at the moment. I tried to be friendly and helped several people to climb up the wall, and lucky  enough to get help from someone else to climb the monster too.

Climbed on the top of the 8 feet wall, the finish line was just 10m in front. Jumped down the wall and ran passed the finish line. Phew! Never think that a 10km would be that hard for me, but anyway I made it! I survived! Took pictures with those arrived earlier. My other team members arrived progressively. All 15 of us made it! 

Went back home, took a hot shower, enjoyed the hot lunch prepared by my wife, went into bed, wake up and writing this blog now. Still can feel the pain on every inch of my muscle. But, the pain is a result of enjoyment, satisfaction, and achievement.

MBS 2014 Team!

Ready, Start!

Thinking of wearing these next year...

My wife was struggling washing this for me after the game
(Photos by Mary)