Weekly Diary 24-30 Sep

The first day of MBA stage! Although the courses started a month ago, but they were merely the pre-MBA courses. (But I' was already busy like hell!) Started the first class in Marketing, Corporate Finance, Economics and Research Method. Since large volume of content (equivalent to 2 to 3 chapters in a 1000 pages thick text book) has to be covered within the each 1.5 hour classes, the lecture can only touch on the key messages that the professors wanted to deliver. Without pre-reading before the class, and revision after the class, it is quite hard to follow the pace of the teaching. Several take-aways from the class:
Marketing: Do the right things, not the things right, especially in a recession period
Finance: Finance is about making investment decision (where to invest) and financing decision (where to get money)
Economics: Phenomenon before the sub-prime crisis: bank lending to bank, lending to household for real-estate speculation, and less lending to business which incur less genuine revenue generation.
After the class in the evening, continue with meeting of Non for Profit (NfP) Project. Followed by VCIC launching meeting which finally finished by 9:30pm! Oh hell, what a long long day!

Again a long day, Economics and Financial Accounting in the morning. Energy Club launching in the lunch break. Career Management Service Workshop, Guest Speaker Series in the evening and NfP project meeting with Client. Finally decided the project scope with Client. A big advance in the NfP project!

Marketing, Finance, Accounting, NfP meeting... Finished the Guest Speaker series report.

Skill for Successful Manager (SfSM) - Class in Project Management and Working in Team. Quite impressed by the speaker to cover everything in Project Management in just 1 class by taking the example of a project to start a car race team.
"Working in Team" as the name sounds discussed about how to work in a team. Interesting points in the discussion of the disadvantages of a team work:
1) Team loafing: people tends to work lesser in a team than if they work alone.
2) Poor decision: group decision is better than average member decision but not as good as that if most competent member.
3) Dominant voice: decision may governed by the dominant voice which may not be the best decision.
4) Conformity: follow the majority which may sometimes misleading
5) Production blocking: individual will generate more ideas well if they work separately and combine ideas than if they work together. Conclusion -> brainstorming is not productive.
A game was introduced to test our team type. 5 minutes to figure out what to bring to a desert island for survival after your plane crash into the sea. Our group picked 4 correct items but a last silly choice which is SALT!

A good off from the school. Revision, pre-reading, revision, pre-reading...now only I know what GDP exactly is…

Appointment day with the Talktalk internet installation engineer. I have subscripted this internet a month ago but the installation can only be a month later (which is ridiculous to my sense). Heard from friends that they didn't get the connection on the appointment day, either due to the reason that they didn't receive the router package, or the installation engineer didn't turn up the day or some other technical issues. Worried about same thing happened to me, I tried to email and call the customer service few days ago. But the Talktalk customer service was just suck, no reply to email, busy hotline which kept me waiting and ate up my handphone credits. As expected, I didn’t receive the router package by that day and although the engineer did come, he couldn't open the connection box for the installation. Felt really frustrated and disappointed with the impotence of the UK internet providers!

Day off to Liverpool. Known to be poorest and dirtiest city in the past history of UK, but it really changed to a well-developed and clean (cleaner than Manchester at least) city. Visited the Liverpool Museum, Tate Art Gallery. Maritime Museum, Liverpool Cathedral, St. George Hall, World Museum, and Walker Art Gallery…all in one day! Amazed by the size and architecture of Cathedral, as well as the ancient and cultural collection in World Museum. These 2 are the must visit in Liverpool. Lazy to upload the photos, but I believe Ma Rui will, so please have a look on her Blog (the link at right) if you are interested.